Letting Go and Letting God.....

"If you really want to make God Laugh, plan your life" -Mother Theresa

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

its been so long

I feel as though the last few months have gone by with a whirlwind. Its funny that it seems that when you have the most to blog about you have no time to actually blog:)
I am disappointed because I had this huge plan to blog about everything and now I am so far behind I don't know where to start. I hope I can get things organized and get going.....

So some things I haven't posted about but want to:
Diva's dance competitions
ML's First Communion
Our kitchen remodel stage 2
Tons of other smaller projects around the house
The talent show
Brewbusters- an end to an era
Everyday life with my little 2
ML's soccer star
Marian- May Crowning
and on and on and on.....

I have had so much on my mind: writing a novel or memoir (I know, seriously?), running a 5K, Organizing my girls' summer, having another baby, going to school, starting princess in the big K, my new shed, serious new curb appeal, my garden- ahhh, my garden makes me smile:), the final kitchen push, a new back porch, organizing my girls' bedroom so they can keep them clean- AMEN:), decorating the play house/fort, a new office hub for the house, a new mudroom, a new computer, and on and on....

So where do I begin...... Actually with the last one- since a new computer would make my blogging so much easier:)

Or more importantly at the positive side of all of this- all my blessings- remembering my most important word GRATITUDE- and concluding that that starts with me- I should smell the roses and not be so hard on myself:)