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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Kitchen Reveal

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Ok, so its time for the REVEAL!! I have compiled some before and after pictures for effect. I plan to blog about each individual project and at that time will show you before/during/after pictures. I will also include more detailed information- like- how to, tips, colors and cost. But for now I think this post will speak for itself.

Big Open Kitchen!! Great bones and awesome potential!

(I've got some girls set for a life of drama)

You can see my test spots under the microwave, on my quest for the perfect brown!

TADA!!! - ok so here is a run down of what we did- Refaced the cabinet doors and added tounge and groove beadboard to the island (compliments of the hottest carpenter around - my husband), new hardware, painted the cabinets - Espresso brown on the bottom and creamy white on the top, painted the trim, used/new to me chairs that we painted and reupholstered, new lighting, new treatment (panel with chalkboard paint) for the door to the basement (done primarily to cover a big hole in the door - but happens to be the hotty's favorite part) and the start of new window treatments.

We removed the scalloped apron from above the sink and replaced the flourenscent bar with this fab retro fixture.

More detailed picture of the refacing- it was a groove solid panel door before but the hotty added a panel and molding for an updated look.

We did the recessed lighting/pendant transfer kits above the island. I got these at Lowe's and then picked my own shades. And some new rugs from Walmart site to store.

Here you can see the chandelier that I bought at a thrift store awhile back and sprayed out with oil rubbed bronze paint, a more detailed picture of the chairs (before and after pics to come) and a new curtain. You can also see that I sprayed alot of my accessories out to match the new look (in particular the curtain rod and rings). BTW- it was Bunco night at my house- hence the score cards, bell and di on the table- he..he..he..

Ok- here is where I am having some difficulty- I can't figure out a window treatment for above the sink- I've tried a bamboo blind but since the window is an odd size I will have to custom order it and that will be too pricey- any suggestions?? My hotty wants some privacy but I want a sleek look?? I also need to do some better accessorizing but that is for another time....

So there you have it- phase 1 complete (almost). So next- phase 2 - that will include new countertops, backsplash, faucet and new counter stools at the island. Then - maybe- I hope- a new floor and new appliances.....
A basic breakdown:

Paint $100 (but this includes many spraypaints for the chairs that I didn't like and didn't use)

lumber for refacing and beadboard $175

hardware $112

lighting $100

chairs- set of 8 $120

Stay tuned for details concerning cost, supplies, colors and more detailed before and afters....

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peak!


  1. Great job! I know you and hotty worked very hard on this project and you should be VERY PROUD! Love it!

  2. Looks AMAZING!! Can't wait for dinner, when are we coming over?? hehe!!

  3. We too have grooved cabinets. Very dated looking and we are planning to update soon. We may possibly replace the doors, I am just not quite sure yet. Jackie

  4. Looks great! I love what you did with the rug under the island! It really provides a nice contrast between the floor and the creamy island. Can't wait to see the new top on the island!

  5. Forgot to say - I love the chalkboard door!

  6. What a great makeover! I love the chalkboard door too! I am always trying to get my clients to repaint the cabinets they hate! Good for you for going for it!

  7. Beautiful! Looks like an ad from a magazine!!

  8. Gorgeous :) I love the dark and white mix. It looks so modern now!

  9. What a transformation! Looks great and I love the two colors of cabinets.

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  11. Wow - what a fabulous transformation! You did a great job - It looks gorgeous! Love the black and white combo.

  12. Wow wow wow!!!! What an amazing transformation! Great job!

  13. I'm a little out of the loop and don't know what is involved in "refacing" the cabinets. What all did you/your hubby do? We are in need of a kitchen makeover and if you guys changed your cabinets to look that beautiful for $175, I'm all over that! Thanks!

  14. awesome!! another fan of white on top/color on the bottom cabinet makeovers!! :)

  15. What a great make-over! Your little ones are just beautiful.

    Drop by AtticMag this week to see my home on tour,

  16. A beautiful make over...you should be very proud of yourselves...

  17. WOW! A girl after my own heart! this make-over looks just like something i would do!

  18. Spectacular difference already!!!!!!! Love how you did the cupboards with the chocolate brown on the lower cabinets. It REALLY looks awesome! I like you lighting fixtures too. I'm at a loss as to what to do with my window in the kitchen also.