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"If you really want to make God Laugh, plan your life" -Mother Theresa

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Grown-up View

Every now and again I realize that I am a very deep thinker.... I know, if you know me you are thinking, "really, you are just now figuring this out?" well not exactly, but I seem to forget and then get reminded over and over. Now, sometimes this is good and often its troubling- but every now and again I'm challenged and realize that what I thought was basic knowledge (mainly cause I have thought of it so many times) really isn't after all. That many other people have never happened about a particular conclusion that I have come to through my many deep thinking moments..... and subsequently I am essentially alone in my deep thoughts (I know I torture myself) Further, I realize that there are many other deep thinkers out there. And many who think of things that I would've never even thought of and I learn from those people everyday. Of course, there are those that don't think much at all and from those people- I learn too- I learn to chill, relax, smell the roses, and enjoy the moment.....

Why do I think so much? Well I wish I knew and most of time I wish I would stop (and so does my husband:)). But for now I am thinking of a greater purpose for my thoughts. Maybe if I share them it will help others think. Help others to consider things they wouldn't have otherwise. Or at least offer a different perspective. And most certainly stir thoughts, conversations (and knowing me controversy)!

Ok, so where am I headed here?? Quit rambling already!

I have come to the conclusion through much debate in my head that religion in an acquired taste and a journey. I know I didn't originate this thought but I have worked it over and over in my head since there are so many sides to this discussion. Is religion real? Is Christianity a hoax? Are we all hypocrites? Well, I don't claim to be a theologist but there is a few areas of this I can conclude on..... Through the stages of our life, upon our journey we must go through several phases of Christianity in order to fully appreciate it.

If we were fortunate enough to be exposed to some sort of Christian upbringing I would venture we start off feeling like God is Amazing and Loving and WOW!! Then we hit our tweens and journey through questions and frustrations viewing our faith. And for some, we never get past this..... Just as teens do, we buck authority and the same goes with religion. We begin to shake our fist in the face of the holy spirit and say, "you can't tell me what to do!" We view God as a ruler who wants to control us and ruin our fun. And if we continue that view into adulthood we often start to think religion is a made up venture created to control us.

However, if we let go of our notions created in teen hood and begin to have full circle thoughts we can lead to the conclusion that God loves us like a Father. If we let go of the bitterness of control and stop bucking authority we can open our hearts to see that this is all Love. If my 4 year old daughter wants to play in the street, I set boundaries and I say NO. Why? Is it because I want to ruin her fun? Cause lets face it, playing in the street when you are a kid is fun! Is because I want to control her? Hardly, since I realized the second day of my first born's life that I wasn't going to be able to control anything!! I do this simply because I Love her. I want to protect her. I want to save her from experiencing as much pain as possible. At four I can explain that being hit by a car is a bad thing but she doesn't quite get that and if she does she forgets as soon as she thinks of how fun it would be to ride her bike down the middle of the road. So I set rules, that if she follows will make it simple for her to avoid the pain of being hit by a car. Do I hate her if she ignores the rules? Do I damn her to Hell? of course not- but I am so sad when she gets hurt- and when she hurts, I hurt... God feels the same way.

In Christianity this is a full circle moment. I no longer view God's laws as made up rules created to ruin my fun, or control me or scare me to death. I now see them as a Gift. God does not want pain. He loves us like a Father- like I love my daughters. He wants to protect me. Imagine a world with no pain..... No molestation, no rape, no drug overdoses, no divorce, no adultery, no murder, no abondonment, no hatred- isn't it a lovely thought? Well that it God's world.

For a minute let go of all other notions and entertain the thought that His rules were meant to protect. Meant to heal. Meant to Love. He set simple boundaries because He loves us. They are a basic set of standards to Protect us. I mean if He wanted Control why in the world did He give us Free Will? Again, I am beginning to allow my oldest child more independence because I Love her, trust her and want her to choose to have a happy life. I want to have a relationship with her based on trust and guidance and above all Love....

Allow those who deserve to love us do just that!

Now, one step further. To be Christian or to believe in Christ is not a statement of perfection. This does not mean that we follow everything perfectly. We are not perfect- hence the need for Christianity:) and the desire for a relationship with Christ- Acceptance, Forgiveness and above all Love! (I have a feeling I will be exploring this notion deeper in the near future)

A quote from the Grotto at Mount St. Mary's in Emmitsburg, MD is the opening picture to my post.

Peace to All!

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  1. very profound and interesting Sara...I believe that if we always stayed in God's perfect will there wouldn't be any reason for us to seek him...go girl, enlighten me more...