Letting Go and Letting God.....

"If you really want to make God Laugh, plan your life" -Mother Theresa

Monday, April 4, 2011

A New Day, A New Time- A Beginning

I have a wonderful life and a wonderful family. I am so appreciative of them. Yes, I have my moments. My moments of frustration and well, exhaustion.... and during those moments I surely don't appear appreciative- but I am. I know in my heart, even during those moments, that my life is pretty darn amazing- everything I always wanted. My dreams come true:) I have an amazing husband- who is truly a good person- a stand-up guy, a gentleman, a great Dad, a wonderful friend to many and a man of extreme Faith. An inspiration. And my girls, well I am so proud of them. They certainly are not perfect- but wow, to watch them grow and learn and experience life- to watch them figure life out and handle life lessons- that is truly a gift- and indescribable privilege that I get to be a part of- WOW. There is a few things I am disappointed in myself for (quite a few) but right now, I'm kicking myself, yet again- for not writing the experiences of our life down- for not keeping it all close to my heart. I want my girls to be able to look back and know the details, to know my thoughts during them, to see their lives as truly a masterpiece..... Soooooo- here we go. I just read a blog post from someone who use a website to turn their blog into a book. I've heard of these before- but now, I have one saved in my favorites.... Just waiting for me to do something about this disappointment- waiting for me to record our wonderful family memories so they can be treasured forever. So this is the beginning.....

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