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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The First Day

Once again, it was the first day.... Oh, I remember those times- it was really exciting and it seems to be for my little ones too. And this year was special. Princess started Kindergarten. We agonized over starting her- she is young- just turned 5 in August..... But I can't imagine what else she would be doing this year otherwise. She was certainly ready, but Mom wasn't quite prepared. To have only 1 with me- strange, sad.... It has been 8 years since monkey was born that I remember only having 1..... Even though we got everything ready and went to open house, it didn't quite sink in until that day. She was MOST excited about getting on the bus with her sissies....

There is always time to be silly:)

So can you believe Diva is a 5th grader?? Seriously, time flies! She is so grown up, so responsible, so independent. And she got up Early to DO.HER.HAIR.... what? I can't believe this is happening:)

Princess's official first day of school ever portrait.... This will be remembered Forever!

My pretties together!!!!!!!!

And Monkey is in Third grade this year. She got her hair cut short the week before school started, and she looks so much older.... Of course in this photo you just see her funky personality- she did her hair herself.....

Well another year...... I'm sure this year will fly too- lets remember to enjoy each passing day:)

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